Physical Fitness Is The First Requisite For Happiness
Joseph H. Pilates

Due To Coronovirus/COVID-19 Boulevard Pilates Is Implementing Special Guidelines
Please call (818)999-2442 or email to
Some clients have expressed concerns about having trouble breathing with mask on during their workout.
If you have any concerns please email Mark at to discuss this matter

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Redeeming A Gift Certificate Or A Voucher:

In order to activate a gift certificate or a voucher please set up an on-line account in our scheduling system (go to scheduling/you do not have to put a credit card on file to use your voucher)then e-mail your voucher or gift card to or fax it to (310)861-6571.
(Please provide your First & Last name, email and phone #.Your credit will be applied within 1 business day) We will e-mail you a conformation to let you know that credit has been applied to your account.(once this is done you can begin scheduling classes using our on-line scheduling system)

About Boulevard Pilates
Located in Woodland Hills, Boulevard Pilates is a cozy modern studio with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We aim to create an environment in which clients can unwind and have a stress free workout that is safe and effective.
We have designed the studio to be comfortable for clients and trainers; with all the equipment that you would expect to find in an upscale boutique studio with brand new equipment from Stott and Peak. For your convenience we offer private, semi-private and group classes.

We offer a full schedule of classes each week, so everyone can find classes to fit into their busy schedule. Classes are designed in a circuit training style flowing from one exercise to the next so you will build strength, improve flexibility, and increase cardio and endurance, all in one workout. We strive to provide one of the safest, effective, fun and challenging workouts out there while keeping our prices affordable without need for compromise.

Pilates is named after its founder Joseph Pilates. The Pilates Method is a unique combination of exercises which flow from one exercise to the next and continuously reinforces and relies on the strength of the “power house“. The power house is the center of the body (abdominal’s, low back, buttock and inner thigh). Joseph Pilates first devised ” Pilates mat work”( he called it contrology) after 20 years of studying Yoga and ancient Greek and Roman physical fitness routines. He later invented the machines we use today to enhance his teachings. The teachings of Pilates have continuously spread all over the world and touched the lives of countless individuals.

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